Choose Your Own Adventure:
A Truly Personalized Story Based on Your Child’s Name and Appearance

The story follows a courageous new big brother/big sister who goes on an adventure to discover who sent him/her the most amazing gift!

Along the way, he/she meets several characters who each carry a letter. Each letter highlights the wonderful qualities the big sister/big brother has.

What’s the big surprise? The letters reveal the name of the person who sent the gift: the new baby! And that’s not all.

The new big sister/big brother becomes a proud lifelong member of the Big Sisters’/Big Brothers’ Club. Other extraordinary members of the club portrayed in the book include big sisters Helen Keller and Jane Austen and big brothers Isaac Newton and Booker T. Washington.

The two siblings start their amazing lifelong journey together, empowered to unlock their inner strength.

A Gift for Big Sister

A Gift for Big Brother

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