The seed for our company was planted when our founder was pregnant with her third child and looking for books to prepare her two older kids for the arrival of the new baby.

She couldn’t find anything inspiring and truly personalized. There’s more to becoming a big sister than helping to change diapers and feeding the baby. Plus, each child is unique, so the “one size fits all” approach from other resources didn’t resonate.

She decided to do something about it, and the idea of YounIQ was born.

We offer a personalized children’s book called A Gift for Big Brother/Big Sister that will help new big brothers and big sisters adjust to life with a new baby and to prepare for life with a lifelong friend.

But this is just the beginning. We know that there are more personalized adventures to be created, shared, and embraced. We have many plans for future publications that recognize the uniqueness and richness in each individual child and hope you will join us on this journey, while helping us feed children in need.

Stay tuned.

YounIQ is a tech-enabled publishing company in Chicago, USA.

In a busy world, our mission is to open the door to rich moments and unforgettable memories between kids and their loved ones.

For that reason, we craft unique children’s books that combine beautiful personalized stories and hand-drawn illustrations.

To provide quality moments to as many children as possible, and to help them reach their potential, for every book purchased we provide 3 healthy nutritious meals to children in need. As parents, nothing inspires or motivates us more than enriching the life of a child.

Marina Provatas,

YounIQ Founder, Writer

Chicago, Illinois, USA

I am the proud mom of three young children.

I am also the accidental writer and publisher of the customizable book A Gift for Big Brother/Big Sister.

With an infant and two toddlers, sometimes storytime was the only bonding opportunity I had with my kids. Unable to find a quality children’s book to help my older children adjust to the new baby, I decided to take the situation into my own hands and write one. That gave the book A Gift for Big Brother/Big Sister, which was inspired by my experiences watching the beautiful bond blossom between my kids.

We want our kids to see their siblings as a wonderful gift in their lives. We want them to teach each other about love and giving and forgiveness. We want them to have each other as teammates who will always have each other’s backs.

Illustrator Yorgos Sgouros, graphic designer Katerina Mavroidi and I managed to bridge the distances between Chicago, Athens, and Madrid to create the perfect gift for every big brother and big sister, and a timeless keepsake for growing families.

Yorgos Sgouros,


Athens, Greece

I have been illustrating children’s books since the turn of the millennium. Some of my friends say that I have been drawing since I was born. I have illustrated fairy tales, fiction, non-fiction educational books, and many more.

From the very first moment Marina told me about her book, I felt excitement and joy. I’m proud to contribute my ideas and vision, and to bring forth new images for children and their families.

The illustrations in the book were first hand drawn in acrylic colors, like paintings. I created them while spending several months on the island of Kefalonia in Greece. Other than the beauty of the island, the main sources of inspiration were my two young daughters.

The book is something exceptional. It’s much more than a personalized book. It’s a way to share memories and to build and strengthen bonds. It’ll help us teach our children the earliest lessons about family.

I hope parents and children will find meaning in this book and enjoy reading it as much as I loved creating it.

Katerina Mavroidi,

Graphic Designer

Madrid, Spain

I am a graphic designer by profession and an artist by vocation.

I studied graphic design and have been in love with art my entire life, spending countless hours sketching, reading art books, and visiting galleries and museums.

After 10 years of working in the advertising and publishing industry in Greece, I settled down in Spain with my husband and our two young sons.

I was thrilled to work with Marina and Yorgos on the book “A Gift for Big Brother/Big Sister” and took to it with enthusiasm and devotion. I tried to utilize digital techniques and tools to create meaningful and impactful design.

My goal was to harmoniously blend the personalized story and handmade illustrations so storytime can be true quality time for all new big brothers/big sisters and their parents.

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